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We all know the rumours to do with its role as indicator of a certain other endowment (doubtlessly spread by members of the clowning community), but what can really be told by one's shoe size? The results generally showed that men with average-sized feet have the best chances, while those at either extreme could find themselves heading for an early grave. “We have no doubt people can live longer than their shoe size would indicate,” they reassured us in the research paper.

“But this would be true only if they adopt an unusually health-oriented lifestyle, with careful attention to diet and exercise.” Below are their findings; don't say we didn't warn you: Size 5 – a life expectancy of 63-66 Size 6 – 64-69 Size 7 – 66-69 Size 8 – 67-72 Size 9 – 72-75 Size 10 – 73-77 Size 11 – 75-82 Size 12 – 74-79 Size 13 – 67-72 Size 14 – 66-69 Small-hoofed men breathe a sigh of relief: there is no truth to reports that men with big feet have a large manhood, and countless studies dispelled the myth.

I had previously looked through the volumes of early Scottish public records for Ayrshire items starting with Sk-, without coming across it.

I couldn't find it in the Scottish National Archives or SCAN websites. The specific subject in this case is the transmission of possible Anglian (Northumbrian) place-names in Scotland in areas where the Old English language may have died out uder pressure from the Cumbric language of early medieval southern Scotland (related to Welsh) or to medieval Gaelic.

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