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07-Sep-2017 11:01

Editor's note: This article contains graphic language. “Did you know this professor has a rape scandal on the Internet? It’s the kind of surreality that can exist only in a world where reputations are solidified in Google search results, where anonymity permits new lows of human indecency and where people you’ve never met have seen you naked against your will. But that winter day, she became a minor celebrity with naked photos on the Internet.

Last fall, Lena Chen was sitting in the back of a lecture hall when she heard a girl in front of her mention something about rape. On Christmas Eve 2007, during the winter break of her junior year, Chen discovered that an ex-boyfriend had posted intimate photos of her on the Internet. For some, this was righteous comeuppance for the campus harlot. Classmates and other titillated parties reposted the images around the Web, and comment threads exploded with colorful debate.

In general, only the information that you provide, or the choices you make while visiting a web site, can be stored in a cookie.Chen wasn’t so shaken by the original sin; the ex-boyfriend was a troubled person, she said.But she was horrified that classmates were reveling in her humiliation. “I’m the girl he supposedly raped.” Surreal exchanges like this have been the normal course for Chen for more than five years now. As a freshman at Harvard, she started a blog called Sex and the Ivy, where she wrote about her hookups, self-medication with alcohol, recovery from an eating disorder and crushing desire to be liked. Her blog set the Ivy League on fire, drawing the attention of national media. She was majoring in sociology and steeped in gender theory; she thought she was living her politics by offering an uncensored female take on sex.

She didn’t appreciate the fact that she was a teenage girl, talking about sex, while attending Harvard.In 2007, her comment section was overwhelmed with abuse, such as, “fuck off you boring slut …